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How to have babies free from deformities.

We all love babies this little cute, beautiful, innocent human beings. Adults bring children into the world through reproduction that is, a union between a man and a woman. We were all once babies thanks to our parents. Having babies is one thing and having a healthy normal baby is another.

So in this article, you'll be be reading on how you can have healthy beautiful babies that are free from deformities. A child free from deformities is a healthy child and when one is free from deformities, he or she is comfortable and have an average sense of self esteem.

What are deformities:

A deformity is any form of disfigurement or distortion that turns a body part into a different shape or size than it really should be.

Types of deformities:

1. Congenital deformities: These are deformities that are already inflicted on the child before birth. That Is they are present at birth examples are: cleft lips and palates, clubfeet, and spinal deformities like hyperlordosis.

2. Developmental deformities: These are deformities that keep developing, and appear later in the child.

3. Acquired deformities: These deformities are mainly caused by sicknesses or injuries that were not born with the child.

Almost all congenital deformities are mainly caused by an abnormal genetic coding, but others are caused due to infections or environmental factors like alcohol abuse that can affect the mother of the baby and even the fetus during pregnancy.

Congenital deformities can be classified as

Mild and severe.

Mild deformities: this type of deformity may not be visible or cause any symptoms.

While in severe cases, deformities can be seen visibly, inflict pain, hinder movements and functioning of affected body parts, and even affect the child's image.


Deformity treatments depends on the type of deformity and it often includes surgery or the use of corrective devices like back braces and leg casts.

You should know that many congenital deformities are not even visible, won't even cause any problems, and will never need treatment. while others respond very well to treatment, most important if it is taken care of as soon as a doctor thinks a baby is ready for it. Deformities life the cleft lips and palates, can be normalized through surgery; while deformities concerning the spine and clubfeet can be successfully realigned through bracing and casting.

Causes of child deformity:

As stated above, deformities can be caused by genetic factors, genetic coding or many other types of environmental like infections, radiation, even drug exposure during pregnancy. Most of the birth causes defects might not be detected. 20% of birth deformities are due to hereditary factors.

Symptoms of deformity:

Please note that you should not jump into conclusions whenever you notice the following. If you suspect any abnormality in your child's behavior, please consult a doctor.

You'll notice the following behaviors when your child have deformities:

-Rapid heartbeat.

-Difficulty in breathing.

-Problems with feeding (this can lead to loss of weight)

- Swelling in the legs, abdomen, or around the eyes.

- Pale grey or bluish skin.

Most deformities cannot be prevented because their cause yet to be known. But you can reduce your chances by following these steps:

1. Visit your doctor for advice before getting pregnant.

2. Know your risk factors.

3. Develop a habit of taking multivitamins during pregnancy and even before pregnancy.

4. Watch your weight maintain a normal weight.

5. Do not misuse medications

6. Treat any medical condition you may have before taking in.

7. Be sure not to use alcohol, marijuana, or any illegal drugs or prescription drugs for nonmedical reasons.

8. Be sure to prevent infections.

9. Stay clear of harmful agents you are not familiar with.

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