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Grind Moringa Leaf and 7 Bitter Kola, Take To Cure These Diseases

Today, I'm going to be schooling you the health benefits in Moringa and bitter kola.

Moringa leaf has been established to take steps as a medicine for malaria as it contains phytochemicals that helps contest malaria in the midst of other diseases and in addition as you soak this moriga leaf in dry gin, the enchanting juice has been proven to enhance femininity push and lessen blood sugar level. that is why it is eminently called miracle tree.

Now pathetic forward, how do you prepare this miracle supplements.

Wash moringa leaf with saline water to extinguish the bacteria present, at that time then grind collectively with 7 pieces of bitter kola.

How do you take it:

Take ½ Spoonful in the morning before ingestion and at night.

This food supplement are by and large in force in treating these diseases:

Fungal Infections

Cancer Prevention

Low sperm count




Menstrual pain



Bonus Tip

Drink the magical juice of soaked bitter kola and moringa leaf in bitter lemon. It has been proven to be effectual in lowering blood weight in hypertensive patients.

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