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Meaning, Causes And Prevention Of Sleep Paralysis

Have you ever experienced a condition where you're unable to move or speak during your sleep despite being conscious? The medical term for such experience is called Sleep Paralysis. Many often mistake this sleep disorder for an 'evil attack' but according to a health publication from WEBMD, 4 out of every 10 persons may experience it.

What is sleep paralysis all about? Is it preventable? what are the factors that can lead to this condition? This article is set to enlighten you.

Sleep Paralysis

As stated by Cleveland clinic, when you are about to fall asleep or wake up, your body sends signals that relax the muscle in your arms and legs. This helps you remain still during your sleep. However sleep paralysis occurs when you regain awareness but unable to move.

What Does It Feel Like?

During sleep paralysis you will not be able to speak or move but you're fully conscious of your surroundings. Although you can still move your eyes and breathe. Some people might fall into hallucinations by seeing or hearing imaginary things and this makes it more frightening.


• Fear

• Inability to speak

• Paralysis in your limbs

• Panic

• Helplessness

• Tightening around your throat 


The following increases your risk of experiencing sleep paralysis:

• Narcolepsy - This is the condition of having unstable wakefulness and unstable sleep

• Lack of sleep

• Sleeping on the back

• Having an irregular sleep schedule

• Stress


- Try new sleeping positions

- Relieve yourself off stress before going to sleep

- Get enough sleep always

- Avoid smartphone and other gadgets before going to bed

Sleep paralysis is not a demonic attack, it is preventable!!

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