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Is It Good to Drink Water While Eating?

There have been a lot of controversies concerning the fact as to whether water is good to be taken while eating or not. This has caused a lot of people to continue portraying this habit and some stopped it because they don't know which is true.

So in this article, I am going to be putting an end to your research, as I have been able to make more research on this and bring out an article to present to you.

Over the years, many people have claimed that drinking beverages while eating your food could lead to indigestion, some say it could cause toxins to accumulate which might cause varieties of infections.

During digestion, we understand that food gets broken down in your body and it later gets absorbed into your blood stream in order for it to give it nutrients that are needed for better health.

Over the years, these three claims has been the argument of a lot of people but has scientifically been proven false

1. Alcohol or other acidic drinks may affect your Silvia.

The saliva is one of the most important things during digestion as it helps in production of enzymes which aid digestion.

A lot of people then brought up the argument that alcohol and other acidic drinks could reduce your level of saliva leading to indigestion.

Well research have continued to go on and no scientific research has brought up a study that proves alcohol when taken in moderation could cause indigestion or lead to faster absorption of nutrients.

2. Water dilutes stomach acids and digestive enzymes

This is another popular believe of a lot of people but it is not in any way true. Although drinking water during eating could make you lose weight more as it makes you feel full faster.

It doesn't in any way affect indigestion in the body. Rather it is believed to even aid the digestion of foods.

3. Liquids lead to poorer Digestion

Another believe of a lot of people is that leads speeds up digestion thereby making Digestion poorer, but this has no scientific proof, therefore it is regarded as false.

Rather research shows that liquids improve digestion while water on the other hands help in reducing weight as it reduces the number of calories taken.


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