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Never Dispose Your Old Tooth Brush, Here are 15 ways you can still Re-use them

A toothbrush is an oral hygiene instrument used to clean the teeth. It is hard for you to visit a family that doesn't make use of a toothbrush, this make it one of the most important personal belonging you can find in any home.

According to dentist, no matter how standard your toothbrush seems to be there is always a need for you to always change it after 3 months. When trying to keep to the rules that our scientist gave us in order to live a healthy life, we now find ourselves disposing more than 5 toothbrush in a year.

in todays article I will be showing some important work your old toothbrush can help you handle conveniently at home which you don't know. So there is a need for you to always adjust your old toothbrush from brushing of teeth to other necessary duties. Most of these things you supposed to use them and do are those problem we find very difficult to slove, but out of being creative you can use your old toothbrush and make some work more easier for you at home.

I bring to you 15 ways you can still Re-use your tooth brush after making use of it .

1. To Clean Your Hairbrushes:

You can use your old brush to clean your hairbrushes for it to be free from debris which is not good to health.

2. To Clean your Shoe Soles and Sneakers

You can achieve this through dipping your old toothbrush in the water that is already mixed with detergent then use it to clean your shoe thoroughly..

To Brush your Eyebrows

This can also serve us in terms of enhancing our beauty. You can easily use your old toothbrush as a lady to brush your eyebrows.

4. Use to Clean your Fingernails

One of it important to health is using it to clean our finger nails especially for those that do keep nails, and this is another way of maintaining proper hygiene.

5. Apply Hair Dye

Most of our barbers make use of condemed tootbrush in applying dye to hair. So the same thing is applicable to your home.

7. To clean Shower Head

Blockage of shower head is a normal thing that we normally encounter on daily basis. So cleaning it regularly with your toothbrush helps it to be running effectively without any problem or blockage.

8. Clean Jewelry

One of the greatest way of cleaning your jewelry is making use of your old toothbrush.

9. Clean Kitchen Sink

Just like the shower head, you can also use your old in removing debris that blockts your sink very easy and fast. Hence making your kitchen more clean and free from dirt.

10. To Clean Hair Dryer

The same technique you use in cleaning your kitchen sink is also the same technique you use in you hair drier to make sure that that it is dirt free through scrubbing it in the little openings.

11. Washing Machine Seal

it can be use to clean any stain between the seal of the washing machine.

12. Clean your chopping board

Chopping board are made up of free opening at the edge which tends to be very small and it can only be kept clean through the use of a toothbrush.

13. Clean grout grime off tiles

14. Clean blinds & window screens

15. Clean bike chains

Thanks for reading.

Content created and supplied by: MickytheWriter (via Opera News )

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