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4 Reasons You Should Reduce Eating Rice And Other Starchy Foods Once You Clock 50

The foods we eat have a direct impact on our health, that's why it is very important to eat well. As you age, it is advisable to cut down your intake of starchy foods like rice because of the following reasons:

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1. You could gain excess weight.

According to a study done by Harvard medical school, eating too much of starchy foods before or after age 50 could make you gain weight excessively. This is because starchy foods are very high in calories and they have a relatively high glycemic index.

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When starchy foods are digested, glucose (sugar) is released to the blood stream and when there is an excess amount of glucose in the blood, the body converts them into fat and this could invariably cause excessive weight gain.

2. You expose yourself to a lot of health problems.

As said earlier, eating too much starchy foods can make one gain weight excessively and excessive weight gain could lead to a lot of health complications like diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, stroke, obesity and many others. In order to prevent all these, it is advisable to reduce your intake of starchy foods after age 50.

3. You could develop diabetes.

When you consume starchy foods excessively, your blood sugar level increases and this could lead to diabetes. Asides this, one of the effects of consuming too much starchy foods is that you could gain weight excessively and excessive weight gain or obesity could lead to the development of diabetes.

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4. You could be exposing yourself to heart disease.

Researchers have shown that people above age 50 who eat starchy foods excessively are at a higher risk of developing a heart disease. It is best to eat foods that are high in fibre, low in carbs and fat. This will help you maintain a proper heart health.

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