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Here Is One Medical Condition Capable Of Affecting Those Who Do Not Sleep Sufficiently

Sleep is the ultimate form of rest. Some sources defined it as resting in a state of reduced consciousness. It is among the most healthy acts anyone must perform in a day but sadly a lot of people are not getting enough of it due to work, stress, insomnia et cetera. 

Source: All Jazeera

When the body is starved of sleep, it is capable of resulting to several medical conditions including heart diseases. When we sleep, the heart is made to perform a shorter task than it would when we are awake, this is because our body system is relaxed, most of our organs are at rest. 

As recorded on WebMD, shortened sleep or lack of sleep at all can result in increase in CRP levels. CRP is an abbreviation for C- reactive protein which is released with stress and inflammation. When the levels of this protein are high in the body, it often signifies an increased risk in the chances of having heart diseases. 

Inasmuch as sleep starvation does not necessarily result in heart diseases, the importance of good sleep to the body can never be neglected. Memory and good cognitive abilities are also enhanced when you take good sleep. Insulin resistance which is a major cause of type 2 diabetes can also come as a result of lack of good sleep. 

In a world of constant stress and work how can someone manage to get good sleep? Here is a tip, pick your day to day activities starting from the ones that are most important, create a to do list for them with a substantial quantity of time mapped for good night rest. Apply great discipline to ensure that you strictly adhere to them. Finally, try and get rid of time wasters like social media, television, gossips and the rest of them. 

If your reason for not getting enough sleep is insomnia, then ensure to see your doctor let him suggest foods for you or perhaps pills. 

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