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Side Effects of Apple Vinegar for Health and How to Drink It Right

According to Healthline - Apple cider vinegar is a liquid made from a mixture of apples and yeast. There are many well-known benefits of apple cider vinegar for both health and beauty. However, the wrong way of consuming apple cider vinegar may also cause side effects.

Apple vinegar side effects to watch out for

Behind the healthy benefits, apple cider vinegar side effects should also be considered. You don't want to be lulled into overusing this product.

Here are the side effects of apple cider vinegar if consumed excessively:

1. Risk of hypoglycemia (too low blood sugar levels) 2.

One of the widely known benefits of apple cider vinegar is that it helps lower blood sugar levels. However, people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes who take insulin need to be more careful when consuming this drink.

A study found that drinking apple cider vinegar daily may decrease the gastric emptying rate in diabetic patients taking insulin. This can even trigger apple cider vinegar side effects in the form of blood sugar levels that drop too much or called hypoglycemia.

2. Causes indigestion

While apple cider vinegar is good for weight loss, it can also cause digestive problems. This is because the acidic nature of apple cider vinegar can worsen the symptoms of indigestion. If consumed in excess, you may experience nausea or stomach pain.

According to another study, in some cases, drinking 25 grams of apple cider vinegar can decrease appetite and trigger a much more severe feeling of nausea.

3. Worsens symptoms of gastroparesis

People who have gastroparesis may need to be careful when consuming apple cider vinegar. Gastroparesis is a condition that slows down the emptying of food from the stomach into the small intestine.

A limited study published in BMC Gastroenterology said apple cider vinegar can make the stomach slower in moving food to the intestines. As a result, the absorption of food nutrients in the intestines is inhibited. This can cause gastroparesis to worsen and disrupt metabolism.

Gastroparesis is one of the conditions that diabetes is prone to. That is why, diabetic people who want to drink apple cider vinegar need to be extra careful. It would be better if you consult your doctor first.

4. Damages teeth

Another side effect of apple cider vinegar is that it can interfere with dental health, due to its high acid content. Any acidic intake has long been studied to damage the enamel layer or tooth enamel. If tooth enamel is damaged, teeth will quickly get cavities and experience other health problems.

It was mentioned in a case study that a teenage girl suffered severe tooth decay due to frequent consumption of 237 ml of apple cider vinegar with the aim of losing weight.

5. Irritates the throat

Acetic acid from apple cider vinegar is the acid that most often irritates the throat and causes a burning sensation.

This is because the acidic nature of apple cider vinegar if taken in excess can cause side effects to erode the thin esophageal tissue until it becomes injured or inflamed.

Although there have been no published cases of burning throats, one study found that consumption of apple cider vinegar in tablet form caused a woman's throat to burn and made swallowing difficult for six hours. \

However, since the study was limited, a larger follow-up study is needed.

6. Lower potassium levels

The side effects of drinking excessive apple cider vinegar for a long time can also cause potassium levels in the body to decrease. If the body lacks potassium, you can experience more constipation, fatigue, and muscle cramps, which in the long run can cause osteoporosis.

In one case report, a woman was rushed to the hospital because her potassium levels were too low. Daily consumption of apple cider vinegar for six years was thought to be the cause.

7. Makes skin burn

Many people recognize the beauty benefits of apple cider vinegar. Usually, apple cider vinegar for the face is used as a toner.

However, apple cider vinegar for the face can also cause side effects such as burns and irritation when applied directly on the skin without diluting it with water first. This is due to the high acid content, which makes the skin irritated, reddish, and wounded.

Quoted from a report in The Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology, a teenager reportedly suffered burns to her facial skin after applying apple cider vinegar to remove moles.

Given these side effects, of course you should be more careful using apple cider vinegar on your face. If you want to get the benefits for your skin, make sure you follow the correct usage method or mix it with water before using it.

8. Drug interactions

Drug interaction is the appearance of certain reactions from drugs with other substances taken together. These interactions can make the drug less effective or increase the risk of side effects.

Apple cider vinegar is known to interact with several types of drugs, increasing the risk of side effects, such as

Diabetes medications, which may cause blood sugar or potassium levels to drop dangerously low

Digoxin (lanoxin). May drastically reduce potassium levels

Certain diuretic drugs, causing a drop in potassium levels.

How to consume apple cider vinegar safely

If you still want to consume apple cider vinegar, pay attention to the following tips so that side effects can be avoided:

Limit apple cider vinegar consumption to a maximum of two tablespoons or 30 ml per day. This amount can also be adjusted according to each person's tolerance level.

To make it less damaging to your teeth, add water to apple cider vinegar. You can also drink it with a straw so that it goes straight down your throat.

Gargle with water after consuming apple cider vinegar.

If you want to brush your teeth, wait at least 30 minutes after drinking this vinegar.

If you are taking certain medications, such as diabetes medication or high blood pressure medication, give it a break. It's better to consult your doctor about the right way to take it.

Apple cider vinegar can be beneficial for weight loss and managing blood sugar levels. But the side effects of apple cider vinegar should not be underestimated.

Consumption of apple cider vinegar can cause various health problems. Starting from a burning sensation in the throat, hypoglycemia, to tooth decay.

You should also consult your doctor if you want to consume it, especially if you have certain diseases. For example, diabetes and indigestion.

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