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Possible Side Effects Of Lemon grass In Pregnancy - [PHOTOS]

Consuming lemon grass during pregnancy may have harmful effects but its effects have not been empirically studied on humans. The advice to avoid lemongrass in high doses is based on logical conjectures and also on studies conducted on rats.

Effects on the Foetus

1. Lemon grass extracts can fasten cell death and hamper cell multiplication causing poor growth.

2. Lemon grass can cause skeletal abnormalities.

3. It could result in stillbirth.

Effects on the Mother

1. Lemon grass has long been used in herbal medicine to bring on menstruation. In large quantities, it could induce the rupture of the foetal membrane, causing a miscarriage.

2. Lemon grass affects blood sugar regulation. If the woman has type 2 diabetes or gestational diabetes, and she takes too much lemon grass, it could lead to a sudden decrease in her blood sugar levels, which can cause tiredness, blurry vision and even dizziness.

3. Lemongrass could trigger mild allergic effects including swelling in the throat, rashes, and chest pain.

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Foetus Lemon Lemongrass PHOTOS


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