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Opinion: Students And Businessmen In These 4 States Should Take Note Of The Covid-19 "Third Wave"

It's no longer news that the federal government of Nigeria have started to make plans against the third wave of Covid-19 infection in Nigeria.

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Also, NCDC (Nigerian Center For Disease Control) have started to issue out warnings to individuals and groups concerning the third wave of Covid-19 infection. In a recent post made by NCDC on facebook, some states like Lagos, Kaduna, Plateau and Kano has a high number of Covid-19 infection.

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Also, in a Report released by "Daily Post Nigeria" on Monday, 4 people died in Lagos state as a result of Covid-19 infection. While Kano state government suspended "Eid-el-kabir" festivities due to the fear of Covid-19 infections according to a report disclosed by "Peoples Gazette".

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However, here is the reason students and businessmen in these 4 States should take note of the Covid-19 third wave.

1) Students and businessmen should be careful of the Covid-19 infection in order to reduce the spread of the disease.

Since the number of Covid-19 infection in Lagos, Plateau, Kaduna And Kano state is high, individuals (Students and Businessmen) should endeavour to follow all the NCDC guidelines to protect themselves against the disease.

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They should always wash their hands using sanitizer, use their face masks while in a gathering and avoid having body contact with individuals during an occasion.

This will help to reduce the spread and dissemination of the disease within the country.

2) It will help the federal government to easily fight against the Covid-19 disease.

Students and businessmen in these 4 states should take note of the Covid-19 disease so that the federal government can battle against the infection without having a lot of issues or difficulties.

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