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Why Flax Seeds is Perfect for Weight Loss

Flaxseed is a type of food crop that is widely cultivated in the countries of Eurasia and Mediterranean regions. They are also known as “Linseeds” or “Common Flax” and are known as super foods which are natural and rich in nutrients. These tiny reddish-brown seeds are packed with impressive health benefits to our body. Flax seeds are also used for weight loss reduction in obese people and weight management in healthy individuals.

How does flax seeds promote weight loss?

Flax seed is a highly soluble fibre rich crop that works has a laxative when mixed with saliva usually turning into a sticky substance which is very important for healthy body weight. Also, the flax seed fiber is also known to keep your hunger levels in check and reduce your food cravings, thus indirectly contributing to weight loss.

Asides the vital nutrients contained in flax like Carbohydrates, Proteins, Vitamins and Minerals, Flax seeds has key components which affect your body mass composition. The major benefits of taking linseeds is that it helps to lose belly weight and excess weight through its action as;

Lignans- these are chemical compounds found in plants and are powerful antioxidants. They contribute to weight loss by improving the functioning of your cells which burn fat and ridding body of bad cholesterol which helps heart health

Fibres- linseeds contain an incredible 95% of dietary fiber which contribute to good gut health and belly fat loss.

Omega Fatty Acid - In particular flax seed contains Alpha-linolenic acid which helps with improved blood lipid profiles and body metabolic, Seeds contains up to 73% polyunsaturated fatty acids like Omega-6 and Omega 3 acids.

Other health benefits of flax seeds are;

-Healthy to consume, flax seeds have low amounts of carbs in them and very high amounts of vitamin B in them..

-For those suffering from high blood pressure issues, flax seeds can help by controlling them and preventing spikes from happening.

-Medical science says, consuming flax seeds can bring down the risks of cancer- breast cancer especially.

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