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Do You Know That Ear Infection Can Lead To Hearing Loss

According to studies, hearing loss can have various possible causes and an infection of the ear is just one of these causes.

Ear infections occur mostly in children than in adults However, notwithstanding your age, it is also very possible to develop hearing loss for a short period of time when inflammation and fluid develops in the middle of your ear.

In this article, we will elucidate how ear infection can result to hearing loss that is and also take a look at other potential causes of hearing loss.

How is ear infection and hearing loss connected?

This can be also called otitis media. It is a middle ear infection that happens when a bacteria or a virus causes inflammation and fluid buildup in the area at the back of the eardrum. This kind of middle ear infection could result to hearing loss that is temporary.

The most common types of otitis media that are common include the following:

● Acute otitis media- This is when the eustachian tube, which moves from behind the throat to the middle of the ear is now inflamed. It can also store fluid inside the tube. This trapped fluid could become infected, leading to pain and swelling. This kind of infection can result to certain hearing impairment sometimes.

● Otitis media with effusion- The fluid or mucus could build up in the eustachian tube, even after the infection has been eradicated. The buildup of this fluid can cause hearing loss.

Less common types of otitis media include the following:

● Chronic suppurative otitis media-This kind of infection typically happens occurs due to complications of already developed acute otitis media. It can be defined by a continuous discharge from the middle ear due to perforating the eardrum. It can sometimes result to hearing loss, most especially in children.

● Adhesive otitis media- This involves the breakdown of the eardrum, in which it then conforms to the structures and wall of the middle ear. It typically happens when the eustachian tube do not function properly for a long period of time

Ear infections occurs more in babies and young children than in adults. This is because their eustachian tubes are smaller and it is also harder for fluid to drain out.

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