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Why You Should Not Drink Water After Waking Up

Drinking water poses possible health hazards, but most individuals don't consider the risks associated with water first thing in the morning. The truth is that there are potential health concerns associated with consuming water immediately upon awakening. In this piece, we'll discuss the risks and solutions associated with consuming water soon after waking up.

Healthline warns that the first potential health concern of chugging water upon getting up is dehydration. If you've gone without fluids for a while after waking up, it's important to rehydrate and restore your body's nutrients with a drink that contains electrolytes. Water alone may not be enough to prevent dehydration; electrolyte supplementation is also necessary.

Another thing that can make your stomach feel all wonky is if you drink water right after you get up. Drinking ice water first thing in the morning can be shocking to the system and make you sick to your stomach because our bodies are not designed to handle rapid fluctuations in temperature. If you're worried about getting a stomachache from drinking water, it's best to aim for tepid or lukewarm water.

Last but not least, "brain fog" can be triggered by drinking water upon awakening. The reason for this is that you still need some time for your body to properly wake up and become awake and conscious. Drinking a glass of water as soon as you wake up can impede this process, making it harder for your brain to perform its necessary functions. Wait 15 to 20 minutes after getting out of bed before chugging that glass of water to help clear your head.

Overall, there are potential health concerns associated with consuming water immediately upon awakening. If you're feeling thirsty, choose an electrolyte-rich drink. If you're feeling queasy, sip on some lukewarm water instead than ice cold. Finally, if you want to keep your head clear of morning haze, wait 15 to 20 minutes after waking up before drinking any water. You can have a risk-free and healthy morning routine if you are aware of and able to control the factors listed here.

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