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Do scorpions consume their mothers at birth?

In one way or the other you've might have seen a scorpion in real or picture or even had a taste of the sting. You might have even heard people their experiences with these creature.

When I was little I have heard some saying that scorpions feed on their parent at birth. Also that no mother scorpion last a day after birth. Not until I can research for myself. The processor feeding on parent to give birth or parent dying in other do birth to take place is called MATRIPHAGY.

some things to note about Scorpions. 

1. They can be found on all continent except Antarctica. 

2. They can survive six months without food. 

3. Scorpions glow under black light because of chemical on the skin. 

Do scorpions feed on parent? 

First and foremost, scorpions give birth to their young once and are vulnerable and unable to feed themselves. 

When scorpions are born, and the mother has nothing to feed on, the last option is the babies. The Mather scorpion carry her babies on her back until first multing takes place. 

Note: Scorpion baby do not eat their mother, instead the mother make meal out of the babies when all food are gone. 

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Antarctica. MATRIPHAGY Mather Scorpions.


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