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Meet Vladimir Gucci, The Man Who Has Over 90% Of His Body Covered With Tattoos

Tattoo is a drawing that add beauty to the body, even though some people are not in support of tattoos, it is becoming more rampant. We have seen people who tattooed their name or the name of their favorite Actors on their bodies but just like they say, too much of everything is bad. It is okay to draw tattoo on some parts of the body but not every parts of the body.

Today I came across the photos of a man who has tattoos on almost 90 percent of his body. The man who is known as Vladimir Tatuador Gucci is 35 years old bodybuilder who hails from Russia.

Because of the various tattoos on his body, Vladimir has won global recognition and he is now very famous, it was reported that he specializes in the design of Black tattoos so he covered almost 90 percent of his body with tattoos so as to show his work to others.

Vladimir who reside in Moscow with his wife is also a famous Bodybuilder, it was reported that he is the person with the highest number of body tattoo in Russia. During an interview, Vladimir revealed that people tend to judge him wrongly because of his tattoo but he is a very nice person.

What do you think of Vladimir and his tattoos? Please leave a comment below.

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