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Why We Should Not Put Anything In Anyone's Mouth Having A Seizure- Aproko Doctor.

The founder of DHealtyThreads and host of Aproko klinic Nonso Egemba popularly known as Aproko Doctor has shared his views on why people should not put anything in someone's mouth having a seizure.

The Medical Doctor had taken to his official handle to speak following the drama that happened recently at the national assembly probe of the Acting MD NDDC who fainted while answering questions.

Speaking Aproko Doctor said forcing something in the sick person' mouth is wrong and that it can kill the patient you are trying to save his life. According to Aproko Doctor he said,

"Same people laughing at someone who put his hand into a man's mouth to revive him still look for iron spoon to put in the mouth of someone having a seizure

Do not put anything, not even your hand into the mouth of anyone having a seizure. 

Please. Stop it. 

"You can kill a person by forcing things into their mouths. I have seen it happen before

In most seizures, the person is unconscious and that's bad practice

Let me explain how.

Oya listen,

"In your throat are two pipes, one leading to the lungs that exchange air and the other to the stomach for food. They both have a common entrance at the back of your throat.

There is a flap on the pipe that is over the pipe that sends air to the lungs called the epiglottis

"It stops food or water from getting to the lungs. That is why when you swallow and talk at the same time food tends to enter that causes you to cough. That cough is simply trying to remove the particles of food that may have entered your windpipe

You can't stop it till it's clear

"When a person is unconscious, they don't have this reflex, food forced into the throat can enter the lungs

The lungs are not made for food, so food particles will cause a reaction in the lungs.

Can lead to a form of pneumonia called aspiration pneumonia

"Now we have that part covered, most seizures will end by themselves. You don't even have to do anything except make sure the person does not hurt him or herself in the process of convulsing.

What NOT TO do?

1. Don't put anything in the mouth of a convulsing person

"What to do

Lay them on one side, preferably their left side

Remove tight clothing eg belts, ties

Take them away from danger, exposed wires, fire etc

Time the episode, if it lasts longer than 5 minutes take them to a hospital.

Please let's share this.

Content created and supplied by: Paulsaliu1 (via Opera News )

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