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What happens to our brain and why we need to learn and unlearn to have a better society

Knowledge they say is power as much as information is.

Waking up every morning ready to learn new things, we also wake up to get ready to relearn and unlearn something we already know.

Relearning helps you to conserve knowledge and pass it on. Unlearning is simply stripping away the way to act and believe that has been imposed by our upbringing and educational background in the society we live in. It means changing everything that we have known as "the way of life" or "the way things are supposed to be done".

Good or bad, you can learn from anybody. Nobody is an island of knowledge. At a point or another, we are dumb in some areas. The lawyer who says order in the court will one day lie down to take an injection from the doctor. Know this and know peace. This brings about a positive point which says, the more you know, the more you know you don't know.

One can be a graduate of class 5 and still know nothing about the matter of physics and arts. So every day, one keeps learning because the importance of learning can never be overlooked in our time.

For us to have a better society and embrace things the way they are, we choose what resonates with us. This is because the world is in constant motion and we have to move with it, which implies in all areas of life.

Life will always place a demand on knowledge on us at one point or the other, and these demands come with opportunities one would not want to miss.

The power of learning and in learning arms us with a powerful intellect and strategic thinking. With this power, we can overcome and out maneuver obstacles that seem unbeatable to most.

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