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3 Simple Ways To Practice Compassion

According to the dictionary I picked today; Compassion is knowing oneness. To show compassion is to know that there is no gap between you and another person. 

Practicing compassion is not meant for the monks and the saints only. Compassion is what everyone should practice on regular basis.

We will enjoy the benefit of compassion when we start practicing it. In today's publication, I will share with you some ways to practice compassion.

1. Stillness

This means being fully present in your own body and mind. You see things with different eye when you are still. You will become aware of all the things that happens around you. And it will seem as if everybody around you and every action you take towards them, reveal their sacredness. This is the power of stillness.

2. SEE through, not with, the eye.

Your heart knows a lot of things that your eyes can not see. People who lives from the heart knows very well that things are not often the way they appear to be.

In other to see through the heart is realizing that the dark space you see in another person is also in you. 

3. Kindness

Kindness helps to make our journey on Earth to be easier. There is no separation between you and another person. And that is kindness.

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