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Causes Of Heavy Monthly Flow In Woman - Doctor Educates Women

"10 common causes of heavy menstrual flow you should know

1. Fibroids

2. Pelvic infections

3. Some drugs

4. Polyps

5. IUCDs

6. Endometriosis

7. Adenomyosis 

8. Blood clotting problems

9. Cancers of the womb or cervix

10. Thyroid disease"

"Women with blood clotting disorders can experience heavy menstrual bleeding.

For e.g. platelet disorders & clotting factor deficiencies can make it difficult for blood to clot properly, leading to heavy periods. 

Your health care providers can help."

"Uterine #cancer cause brown vaginal discharge with bleeding in-between your periods, which may be heavy. 

Cervical cancer could cause irregular & heavy periods, with occasional blood-streaked vaginal discharge. 

Pls see your doctor for early diagnosis & treatment."

"Your thyroid gland influences the control of your menstrual cycle. Too much or too little thyroid hormone can make your period very light, heavy, irregular or even absent. 

Low thyroid hormone (#hypothyroidism) may cause heavy periods. See your doctor for assessment & treatment."

This was posted by an online doctor popularly known on social media (Tweeter) as @ firstdoctorr.

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