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20 funny facemask people wore during this lockdown.

Face mask is one among the few ways in which we can protect ourselves from the virus. Since there's no cure ground yet, the only way we can be safe is by wearing protective clothing and facemask is among them. Below you see a photo list of funny facemask worn during this lockdown.

1. The virus can't stop the man from drinking oh.

2. Atleast he can breathe through this one.

3. This one has turned a pant into a facemask.

4. Salad as facemask? Can you even breath through

5. Air Jordan facemask.

6. Grandma using a sachete for facemask

7. This kind of facemask that's looks like alligator or should I say crocodile.

8. Inside a vehicle and someone is using take away as facemask.

9. Another Grandma using leaf as facemask.

10. This guys are funny, most especially the one with a shoe.

11. Bottle facemask


13. If you can afford a facemask, use bra🤣🤣

14. This one doesn't want to expose his skin.

15. This facemask is meant to conquer the spirit virus,😄😄16. There no way you can be comfortable with this facemask.

17. Facemask of the week.

18. This one I'll give him the facemask of the month19. This guy is just funny

20. This ain't facemask oh😄😄😄

As you go out do ensure that you go out with the right kind of facemask.

Content created and supplied by: Sooni (via Opera News )

Air Jordan Grandma Salad


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