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Blue salt: The salt that heals and protect you from spells and bad luck

Blue Salt: The healing and protection power

The blue salt is a protective salt which is traditional and naturally blessed. 

​Salt is pure and therefore goes against anything that is impure. It is repellent to impurities no matter the kind of salt you use.

Most times, some people washes their vegetables with salt and if you are very observant you will realize that the vegetables tends to be washed thoroughly with salt than just water alone.

The miracles

Blue salt is used against witchcraft, spells and rituals. It is specially used for protection against the Evil Eye.

Utilizing it together with black salt will reverse bad luck. Herbal research had proven that when your luck seems to be cursed, the blue salt is a good consideration.

Spraying it under the bed of a sick patient goes a long way to neutralize the lethargic energy that a patient may be afflicted with, this assists with the patient's natural healing abilities.

Also Placing a small amount into your pocket, or bag when headed to court for justice is reputed to assist one in gaining a more positive outcome. It is used for legal issues and to promote justice in court.

If used to draw sigils, runes, or circles, it ands a nice protective layer. If kept clean and clear of other salts or powders, it can be reused.

Blue salt does a whole lot naturally. Sometimes the wicked takes advantage of it's biological remedies to enhance their magic. God really created amazing things, indeed he is a great God!

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