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Road Walks Better Than Jogging?

Now lets take a look at why you need both exercises first, is it necessary or not needed?

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Well for starters it is needed because the body gradually ages and as it does so the organs but when you exercise frequently the ageing process doesn't slow you down rather it makes you agile.

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Jogging makes you burn calories faster and more regular than road walks, when taking road walks the calorie burn rate in the body is slow and this is not what we are looking for.

The Ice Co Charity Challenge | Around the World | 25K miles | Summer 20

Road walks are meant for the elderly or visually impaired or physically disabled as this doesn't take a huge toll on their metabolic rate, rather for their heart to beat faster it beats less faster but at paced rhythms.

A survey was done and it was shown the younger demographics prefer jogging than road walks but the elderly like road walks more, so when choosing what best for you look at comfortability and results based on the time frame you want.

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