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SAFETY: Stop Staying Close To Someone That Is Smoking, If You Don't Want This To Happen To You

Before i go into the article properly I want you to know that you might not be a smoker before you contact some respiratory diseases that are caused from smoking cigarettes. Often times people who stay close to people that are smoking always feel have that belief that since they are not the ones smoking nothing affects them but the truth that they don't know is that the smoke that the inhale is also dangerous to them and is even worst than the person smoking it. There is what we call "Second Hand Smoking Or Smoke". I will be enlightening you more in the next paragraph.

Second hand smoke or smoking is a mixture of smoke from the burning end of a cigarette and the smoke exhaled from the lungs of a smoker, it is involuntarily inhaled moves in the air after a Cigarette have been extinguished, this can cause a wide range of health challenge like cancer, respiratory infection and many more. Non-smokers who are exposed or who have experience second hand smoke at home, work, school, public places increase their heart disease rate by 25%-30% and their lungs risk to 20%-30%. It has been estimated that 38,000 death per year is caused by second hand smoke/smoking of which 3, 400 are death from lung cancer in non-smokers. Toxic chemicals that you inhale are not just the only human health concerns that you might put into consideration, the others are cellulose acetate and carbon particles that you breath in with the smoke.

Also sudden infant death syndrome, respiratory infections, asthma attack can occur in children who are exposed to second hand smoke.

It's advisable that you give distance anytime you see someone smoking cigarette., don't forget to comment and share to your friends and family help save someone today.

It's important that you save yourself and stay healthy remember health is wealth.

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