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Remeber the Boy Born with his Undeveloped Twin Attached to His Stomach? Here are his Recent Photos.

For most of us our childhood passes by uneventfully with only our relatives or our close friends taking an interest, unless of course your parents are a popular stars or from a royal or rich family. There are millions of kids born everyday all looking the same just a smaller and a regular version of an undeveloped adult; that is the baby you so who will care about some random kid that's it, but some kids managed to draw an inconsiderable attention of the public their way all thanks to their being unique in someway. They are so unique that their existence is almost unbelievable. Here is an example of such kids.

Deepak Paswan

Deepak suffered from a rare share of stigma due to his unprecedented development. His case is so amazing and shocking at the same time because instead of the usual for limbs that is Hands and legs well in his case he had 8 with the other extra 4 sticking out of his chest. This extra body parts were said to be an undeveloped twin and were problematic to the mother before she gave birth to Deepak. She is said to have been through frequent bouncing pains and when she gave birth she found out what the problem had been all along. It wasn't possible to know if such an abnormality before her due date to giving birth because of poor health care services in the Indian region of his locality Bahar. And so the 8 limb Deepak was born much to the astonishment of everyone.

Some viewed him as the Hindu goddess Lakshmi and even brought him offerings, while others saw him as some kind of monster who might later consumed his parents. But thanks to charity doctors the boy didn't have to put up with all the extra limbs. The parasitic twin was removed after scans confirmed that the two didn't share any vital organs. Luckily for the kid he was able to be cured, and he now lives a normal life. Here are some photos

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Deepak Deepak Paswan Deepak Hindu Lakshmi


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