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Crush Dogoyaro Leaf And Drink Twice Daily To Treat These Health Problems

Neem leaves is locally known as "Dogoyaro" in this part of the world and its botanical name is Azadirachta indica. It is a powerful plant that has numerous health benefits, ranging from having antibacterial properties to been effective in preventing and treating malaria.


As seen in the image above, it is so easy to prepare. Just get a handful of dogoyaro leaf, wash and then crush it. You can as well blend it to extract the juice.

You can as well boil and then drink the liquid water.


Drink a cup twice daily, that's morning and night.

What does it do?

It cleanses the blood, thus protecting the heart

It removes toxins from the body

It relaxes erratic heartbeats, controls high blood pressure and decreases elevated heart rates

It treats skin infection: This is due to the antibacterial properties of neem leaves. Dilute neem oil with water and add to your bating water.

It serves as a contraceptive: Soaking cotton in neem oil and keeping in the vagina for about 15 minutes before sexual intercourse serves as a contraceptive. It kills sperm and slows their speed.

It improves the health of the eyes: Simply boil neem leaves with water, allow to cool and wash your face with it. It kills eye irritations and redness.

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Azadirachta Dogoyaro Neem


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