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Squeeze Unripe Pawpaw Leaf Add Honey, Take To Restore Your Health And Vitality.

Squeeze Unripe Pawpaw Leaf Add Honey, Take To Restore Your Health And Vitality.

Pawpaw has the botanical name of Carica papaya, and it belongs to the family Caricaceae, in Igbo it is called "Okwuru-ezi" or "Okwuru- bekee" in Yoruba it is "Ibepe". This plant has a lot, when i say a lot, many health benefits which would restore your health and vitality.

The purpose of this lecture is to teach you how to restore your health and vitality by squeezing unripe pawpaw leaf and add honey and take, don't worry i know it looks somehow i will explain.

What is unripe pawpaw leaf

Unripe pawpaw leaf is the fresh and tender leaf.

Just so you know the taste is good, because we will be adding honey, and you know honey has it's own health benefits.

So How Do We Use It For Treatment.

There are a number of ways this can be done, so i will be teaching you 3 ways.

1. Get 10 tender pawpaw leaves, wash very well to remove dirt, then add 2-3 cups of water and squeeze to bring out the juice, then filter the leaves from the water, then add 2 spoons of honey to your juice.

2. take 10 tender pawpaw leaves, wash very well and blend to fine fine powder, then sieve it with a cloth or very tiny sieve hole. Then add 3 spoons of honey and you can take it.

3. Get the 3-4 leaves, wash and boil the 3-4 leaves in 1 gallon of water depending on the quantity you want for 40 Minutes.

What does this do.

Relieve Indigestion and Heartburn.

Anti-Cancer Squeeze Unripe Pawpaw Leaf Add Honey, Take To Restore Your Health And Vitality.

Reduce Prostate Enlargement.

Acne Remedy

Increase Platelet Count

Reduce Menstrual Pain

Great Laxative.

Eliminate Malaria, Typhoid, & Dengue Fever

Increase Appetite.

Prevent Cataracts.

Prevent Emphysema


Fight Viral Infection and boost your immunity

Skin Care

  • It can eliminate microorganism such as fungi, worms, parasites, even bacteria from your skin. Beside being a cleansing agent, paw paw leaves also can protect your skin from pimples, freckles, blemishes and act as a cure for eczema, help healing open wounds and sores, and soften the hardened skin or the wart on your feet. It can make your hair shine, softens, and strengthen your hair.

Hair Treatment.

Diabetes Treatment

  • Paw paw leaf can enhances insulin sensitivity.

  • Reduce complications caused by diabetes.

  • Promote wound healing.

  • Diuretic Properties

Enhances Eyes Health and Strong Bones

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