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Carbonated Drinks

50 Days Without Soda Drinks

Taking Soda drinks is not a bad thing but if you care about your health you should abstain from Soda drinks or you should have a timetable for the way you take Soda.

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Disadvantages of taking Soda includes increase in obesity and high sugar levels, tendency to develop Pile and other gastro related diseases.

Now if you want to begin the journey of not taking Soda either because you have been addicted to it, or because you have high sugar levels then you have to have a water bottle close by at all times to be hydrated at intervals.

Now to begin with you have to start drinking ionized water or electrolytes which can only be harmful if you have kidney problems.

You might begin to ask what I mean by ionized water, well ionized water is water that has ions, minerals and vitamins in it.

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To create ionized water, mix ⅛ tablespoon of baking soda into 8 fluid ounces of purified water and drink daily for a period of 50 days or alternatively you can mix water with lemons or cucumbers soaked in it and constantly drink it.

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Practice this daily for 50 days and you will regain minerals and vitamins your body has lost.

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