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Stop Parboiling Your Eggs with Detergent, It Could Harm You

Ingredients play an important role in determining how healthy a food can be. It could make a food more dangerous to health, it could also make it more healthy.

A lot of people have cultivated the habit of using a wrong substance when preparing their foods thereby by making these foods dangerous to the body.

With that said, I am going to be talking about the substance people use in cooking eggs that has been proven to be harmful to the body.

This substance is Detergent,

Detergent is one substance a lot of road side sellers, families and even shop owners use to cook their eggs. According to a testimony that I got, this is because it prevents eggs from pilling out it's body when it's shells are removed.

Some say it generally stiffens the eggs and makes it easier to be gotten in its whole shape. But this comes at a health cost. We all know that detergent is a chemical that is dangerous to the body.

It is made with almost all the things that could cause serious damage to the immune system and even poison the body. But because it is added to the water used in boiling eggs, its effect on the body might not start showing for sometime until the chemical accumulates.

This occurs when you continue eating these types of eggs over a long period of time which could lead to poisoning of the immune system. It is best you add a little salt while parboiling the eggs rather than using detergent to prepare the eggs.

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