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Foods For Baby Hair Growth During Pregnancy

Both you and your baby need a lot of nutrients in the journey of these 9 months. However, do you often wonder how you can make your baby’s hair grow during pregnancy? Concentrate more on vitamins and mineral-rich diet that will encourage the healthy growth of hair and also improve overall growth in your baby during pregnancy.

Your tiny bundle will start growing hair when you are almost in the 14th–15th week of your pregnancy in two cycles – shedding and then regrowing. All the follicles have appeared, and no new follicle will grow after the birth of the baby.

The hormone estrogen is primarily responsible for hair growth in the fetus. Some foods that make fetus hair grow are

1. Eggs

They are a rich source of protein required for hair growth.

2. Fish

They provide Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to the body which improves hair growth.

3. Yellow Orange Fruits

Rich in Vitamin B they are also known to boost hair growth.

4. Nuts

These crunchy snacks are rich in fibre, minerals and protein which is good for hair growth.

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