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PHOTOS: 7 Possible Side Effects & Health Risks Of Consuming Too Much Olive Oil.

As we all know, Olive oil is the natural oil obtained from Olives and it is among the most widespread and popular oils.

Olive oil, as a natural vegetable oil, has also proven to come with great benefits and a wide range of uses and as such, it is always in high demand as most people consume it on a daily basis.

However, in most cases, people tend to overdo things and ignorantly consume too much of this natural oil, forgetting the fact that too much of everything is bad.

Even Olive oil has its own side effects and downsides when consumed too much. Check out some of them below;

1. As a result of the high-calorie content of Olive oil (about 119 calories per tablespoon), consuming too much of it in your diet is most likely to cause UNNECESSARY WEIGHT GAIN.

And for that reason, it is quite crucial for you to curb the intake of olive oil and other foods with high-calorie content.

2. Healthy fat might be gotten from Olive oils, but unfortunately, it is not as nutritive as whole foods. And it is for that reason that it is not advised to consume too much of Olive oil because it may DISPLACE HEALTHIER FOODS like vegetables and fat.

3. Another Health risk caused by Olive oil is INFLAMMATION and this is also due to its high-fat content. However, In most cases, this inflammation eventually results in heart diseases.

4. Also, consuming/applying too much Olive Oil has proven to cause ALLERGIES such as contact dermatitis, eczema and even respiratory allergies.

NOTE: The allergy caused by Olive oil is due to the olive pollens and the reactions can be very severe. So, it is suggested that you visit a doctor if you show signs of being allergic to the oil.

5. Consuming too much of Olive oil in your diet can also cause diarrhoea -- which is caused by the high laxative properties and fat content in the oil

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6. Another possible side effect of consuming too much of Olive oil is Low Blood Sugar, and it could make one prone to the deadly hypoglycemia.

7. Lastly, If you consume too much Olive oil in your diet, you may be at risk of blocking your gall bladder. [Source -]

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Please, Do Not Take These Health Risks For Granted, Take Note Of Them and Remember, SHARING IS CARING.

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