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Nutritional Recommendations for Athletes with PCOS

Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) appears to be more common in athletes, which could explain why so many female athletes do not menstruate. According to research, Athletes have been observed to have higher rates of amenorrhea and oligomenorrhea than the general population.

Athletes with PCOS needs various nutrient in other to help them optimize their performance while managing their health.

Here are nutritional recommendations for athletes with PCOS

1 Balance Carbohydrates 

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Carbohydrates are the preferred fuel for athletes, but insulin resistance can make carbohydrate consumption difficult for those with PCOS. To maintain insulin and glucose levels, weight, and athletic performance, you need to balance carbohydrates intake in your body. You can balance it by combining carbohydrate items with protein and healthy fats.

2 Eat anti-inflammatory foods 

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Regular exercise can cause persistent oxidative stress in the muscles and women with PCOS are known to have increased rates of oxidative stress and inflammation which increases the problem. Antioxidants may aid in the reduction of inflammation and muscular discomfort by consuming a wide range of anti-inflammatory foods.

3 Maintain iron levels

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Athletes in endurance sports usually experience heavy bleeding and this makes them prone to iron deficiency which is why including iron-rich foods in your diet is very important.

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