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New COVID-19 Cases: 5 Things Government May Do

On Wednesday, August 18, the Nigeria Centre For Disease Control (NCDC) came out with a shocker-figure for new COVID-19 cases.

No one could have thought Wednesday records would be the highest in the past 7 months.

A total of 1,149 new cases were recorded with Lagos having the highest share.

Unfortunately, the new cases of COVID-19 may not make so much sense to a people that have thrown caution in the wind.

While it is true that people care less about the virus, with a new strain, a number of this would have to happen to bring them back to reality.

Here are some things to expect in coming days if the number continues to rise.

1. Fresh Regulations/Enforcement

Walk into a mall in Lagos for instance and you will notice how relaxed regulations are.

At the door, no one cares if you washed your hands or not. You walk in without a nose mask and no one insists you should get one. 

There is no hand sanitiser at the entrance and everyone walks in carelessly. 

Basically, if the figures continue to rise, the government would bring back the days of regulations.

Get ready for it.

2. More Push For Vaccination

As the figures rise, there will be more push for vaccination.

The government and companies may insist that people should go for vaccination.

This is one of the reasons the nation is taking delivery of new batches of vaccine.

3. Bus Passengers Regulation

This is another area the government quickly lands fresh regulations on. The reason is that it is easier to contract COVID-19 while commuting.

Passengers will buy snacks and eat with an unwashed hand and could get COVID-19 by that simple act.

4. You Will Spend More

Sadly, once there is transport regulation, the cost of transportation would go up since fewer persons would have to be in a bus per time.

Also, the cost of getting daily products will further go up, as a result of the multiplayer effect from transportation cost.

5 Regulation Of Places Of Worship

The new cases of COVID-19 could further result in fresh regulations for places of worship, with the number of congregation reduced.

For instance, most places of worship have relaxed regulations without strict implementation of the use of nose mask and sanitiser.

They are gradually returning to that time we shake people freely, hug and gather in clusters after service. All that may change if the number of COVID-19 cases continues to rise.

What To Do

Basically, you will need to bring caution into the things that you do.

This way, you stay safe from COVID-19 ahead of possible regulations.

Nations are still on lockdown as a result of COVID-19 and this is a pointer to the fact that getting this virus is still possible.

You can also look at stocking your home with food before the prices go up further, should fresh regulations show up.

Content created and supplied by: WilliamsOsewezina (via Opera News )

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