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Boil Mango Seed And Tumeric For 20Minutes, Drink Twice Daily To Cure This Infection

Good day everyone today is a great day, Heath is wealth is only the healthy that can make money.

Today I will be teaching us something different, on how to boil mango seed and tumeric to cure some health issues.

Mango seed and tumeric has a great effect on the human body, misty when boiled they can be used to cure fibroid.

Method of preparation

1: Get like 5 fresh mango seed and two tumeric.

2: wash them very well put them in the pot and boil for about 20mins.

3: After boiling pour them in a neat cup or container allow it to cool for sometimes.

Drink twice daily morning and evening.

Effect of the above mixture.

1: Diabetes.

2: Obesity

3: Cardiovascular problem.

4: Dandruff (just crush the mango seed and tumeric in powder form and apply it on the affected area.

5: Cancer.

6: Anemia.

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