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If You Have High Blood Pressure, Here Are 4 Things You Should Do To Help Drugs Work In Your Body

Have you been battling hypertension for so many years? Despite your taking drugs as medically directed, your blood pressure keeps on getting higher? If you are among people with this kind of story, this article is here to give you extra information you dearly need in order to manage your condition properly. Therefore, do yourself a Favour, sit back, relax and grasp what will benefit your health immensely.

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What you need to know about Hypertension, and why it is difficult to manage it solely with drugs

Hypertension is among the most common health problems that affect millions of people every year. People beyond the age of forty are more at risk of developing the condition more than youths and children. As a matter of fact, 70% of stroke, 80% of cardiac arrest and heart attack recorded annually in the world result directly or indirectly from high blood pressure.

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What is high blood pressure? Firstly, you don't need to be confused when we use the term "high blood pressure" and "hypertension" interchangeably, they mean the same. It is a condition which affect distribution of blood from the heart, through the blood vessels to all part of the body. Normally, when blood flows through arteries and veins, pressure is generated. When the pressure generated exceeds physiological range, it becomes a problem to the entire human body.

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How do you identify high blood pressure and the cause

The major way of identifying hypertension is by having your blood pressure checked in any Healthcare centre near you. The check-up is usually done with a medical equipment called sphygmomanometer. Normal range of blood pressure is 90-130 for systolic and 60 to 85 for diastolic. Hypertension occurs when the systolic exceeds 140 and the diastolic exceeds 90. Blood pressure is measured in millimeter mercury (mmHg).

Here is a picture showing range of human blood pressure.

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If you have been diagnosed with hypertension, you will agree with me that you have been taking drugs on routine basis. There are so many antihypertensive drugs that a health care practitioner can prescribe for you take. Those drugs will help a lot in lowering the blood pressure, but there are 4 other important things you need to add in order to get yourself to normal. They are discussed below:

4 Other Things You Need To Do To Manage your Hypertension Properly

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1. Stop consuming salt excessively.

Do you know that excess consumption of salt is among the leading cause of high blood pressure in the world currently? Yes, it is. When you consume salt too much, do you know what it does to your body? It enters your cardiovascular system and start thinning the blood vessels through which blood move to and from the heart. As a result, blood cannot pass through the blood vessels efficiently as before, except if it forces itself. This ultimately leads to increase in blood pressure. If you are currently taking antihypertensive drugs and yet still consuming salt, you need to stop it today!

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2. If you have Ulcer or other underlying health problems, treat them also because they increase blood pressure directly or indirectly.

In so many cases, people battling hypertension also suffer from various other health problems. For example, more than 30% of people with hypertension also have diabetes. Such conditions will continue to increase your blood pressure even when you take drugs. That is why you need to manage all your health conditions concomitantly to avoid one affecting another. For example, if you have hypertension and stomach ulcer, you must not leave out the ulcer. As long as stomach ulcer is there, it will indirectly continue to increase your blood pressure even when you take antihypertensive medications.

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3. Stop stressing yourself excessively, your condition requires extra rest

Too much stress causes hypertension. The more the body is stressed, the more effort is required to circulate enough blood round the body. Therefore more pressure will be generated in blood vessels, ultimately resulting to high blood pressure. As an hypertensive patient, try to give yourself enough rest. Give your body chance to utilize the drugs you are taking on daily basis. Always remember that the more you stress yourself, the more your blood pressure increases.

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4. Say goodbye to junk foods and embrace fruits and vegetables.

Do you know that taking enough fruits and vegetables is an extra drug to hypertension? They contain little vitamins and nutrients that supplements the cardiovascular system. Statistics indicate that people who take enough fruits and vegetables has extra protection against chronic health problems. Why don't you be among those people. Why don't you give your body chance to remain sound and give you the chance to achieve whatever you desire in life. Always remember that health is wealth. Your health is in your hands!

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