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5 main reasons why you should stop taking sugary foods

Sugar in a little quantity is harmless however, excessive intake of sugar is extremely harmful to the body.

According to healthline, below are the major reasons why you should avoid taking excess sugar(sugary foods)

1) it increases risks of developing Diabetes

Research has proven that excess sugar is highly linked to diabetes. Sugar also causes obesity in people. This weight gain is also a major contributory factor to diabetes.

In summary, sugar can cause diabetes directly or indirectly ( by causing obesity which can also lead to diabetes).

2) it increases your risks for heart diseases

When there is high sugar levels in the blood, there can be solidification of this sugar which form "plaques".

This plaques block blood vessels that supply blood to the heart thereby leading to heart failure and various heart diseases.

3) it causes obesity

Research has shown that consuming excess sugary foods and drinks can lead to weight gain which could progress to obesity over time.

4) It may increase your risk of developing cancer

A systematic study found that 60% – 95% increased cancer risk was observed with higher sugar intakes.

Some research has observed that men who consume sugary foods have higher chances of developing prostate cancer than men who consume less amounts of sugar

5) increases risk of developing depression

A diet high in sugar may contribute to changes in mood and emotions.

A study involving 8,000 people reveals that men who consumed 67 grams or more of sugar each day were 23% more likely to develop depression than men who ate less than 40 grams each day.

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