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4 Medical Conditions Eating Kola Nuts Can Cause

Kola nut is a good nut that has good nutritional and also plays important role in the social-cultural life in most societies here in Africa, particularly Nigeria. This nut is used to perform several traditional rights and can also be eaten for entertainment purposes.

However, kola nut is not suitable for everyone, as some persons might be allergic to eating and it also has the capability to worsen some health conditions. Therefore one should not eat kola nuts if they are suffering from certain health conditions. This article will expose some of the health conditions that might get worst if you eat kola nuts. This is backed up by popular research.

1. It can increase blood pressure: Kola nuts have some active ingredients that stimulate the body and also raise blood pressure. This automatically makes it not a good nut for people who have high blood pressure as it can make their condition worse. If you have this health condition, you need to check the food you eat all the time and make sure they are good for your health before you consume them.

2. Problems sleeping (Insomnia): Kola nut can drive away sleep which makes it unsuitable for people suffering from insomnia or people who have difficulty in sleeping. People with a sleep disorder are advised to stay away from products with caffeine and also, kola nuts or products that contain kola nuts are something you should stay away from.

3. Shakiness: People who suffer from shakiness, tremors, anxiousness should not neat Kola nut because it affects the central nervous system and can worsen these conditions. Overeating of kola nut may worsen anxiety.

4. Nausea: Eating too much kola nuts can cause stomach upset. Kola but can also increase the amount or the production of stomach acid in people who have stomach problems. Therefore if you do have stomach pain stay away from kola nut and if you are to eat it, eat just very little not to put your health at risk.

The risk and side effects that come with eating or excess consumption of kola nut may vary from one person to another. Know your state of health before eating kola nuts now you have known some of the possible harm kola nuts can cause.

Source: Medical News Today

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