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6 Foods That Can Make Your Bones Strong And Healthy

The edible substance we consume plays an essential role in the over all health by supplying the various body part with the needed nutrients including the bones. The foods that can make the bones strong and healthy will be discussed in this article.

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Foods That Can Make Your Bones Strong And Healthy:

1 Calcium rich foods.

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2 Onions: it contains vitamins, sodium, potassium, iron and dietary fibres that supports the bone.

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3 Walnut: it's an excellent source of omega 3 fatty acid that promotes the bone health and also contain antioxidant properties.

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4 Prunes: it is essential for improving the bone health. It contains potassium which aids nerve impulses and muscle contraction. It also prevents bone loss.

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5 Salmon: it contains omega 3 fatty acid and vitamin D that contributes to the bone health.

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6 Tofu: it is generally high in calcium, boron and magnesium. It lowers the risk of bone fracture and protect the bone.

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