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High Blood Pressure: How To Use Raw Beetroots To Dilate And Relax Your Blood Vessels

The blood vessels in our body often dilate or constrict to allow blood to flow through them easily and at normal pressure, but when we eat an excess of foods high in sodium or cholesterol, the cells and tissues of the blood vessels will be affected, and this may cause them to become constricted or narrow. When this happens, the heart is induced by the brain to pump blood with a greater force through the vessels to all parts of the body, and such forceful flow of blood results in what is known as high blood pressure. According to Healthline, there are some things that can help to free blocked vessels, dilate them, and also relax them when taken regularly, and one such thing is Beetroots.

In this article, I want to briefly discuss how to use raw beetroot to dilate and relax your blood vessels in order to address blood pressure.

Beetroots should be properly cleansed, and the external layer removed before the inner layer is cut or sliced into smaller pieces to make it easy to chew in the raw form. Another way to make use of beetroot is to grind it, either with the use of a grinding stone or with a blender after proper washing and removal of the external layer. It must be ground or blended to be able to extract its juice, which is why you must add a little amount of water when using a blender to blend it. The juice can then be taken as a drink.

In addition, you can use beetroot in place of onions when onions are not available. In other words, you can cook beets by adding them to the food you want to cook. They function as a spice when added to food, and this helps you access the chemical compounds in them, which can help dilate and relax your blood vessels.

However, it's important to note that beets should not be consumed in excess because the chemical compounds in them can induce the crystalization of other substances in the body, which can affect the kidney and cause kidney stones. You should see your doctor and be properly counseled on the appropriate time to use beetroot.

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