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Home remedy for thrombosis

According to Healthline - A great home remedy for thrombosis is ginkgo tea because this medicinal plant has blood circulation stimulating and anti-thrombotic properties.

This home treatment does not replace drug treatment when it is prescribed by the doctor.


1 liter of water

4 tablespoons of ginkgo leaves

How to prepare

Place the water to boil and then add the ginkgo leaves. Let it warm, strain and drink 2 cups of tea a day, after meals.

Thrombosis is the formation of blood clots or thrombi inside veins or arteries due to varicose veins, the use of hormonal medication, or by staying in the same position for a long time.

This home remedy for thrombosis should not replace the treatment that is done with anticoagulant medication, and the individual should adopt some precautions such as avoiding sitting with the legs down and always use elastic compression stockings like Kendall stockings.

Attention: This home remedy for thrombosis is contraindicated in individuals who take any anti-platelet aggregation medication such as Aspirin, Agrevox, Cilostazol, or Ticlopidine, for example, so one should not take this tea without first asking their cardiologist.

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