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Weird: Meet the woman born without fingerprints

Our fingerprint is first thing that totally differnciate us from every other person in the world. Because facial identies could be really identical but not fingerprints. It has been used in aiding a lot of things ranging from Banking to Voting in elections to partaking in examinations to enrolling in all kinds of institutions, even in traveling oversea.

That was the case of the Swiss woman who was denied entry from Switzerland to the United states back in 2007 for having no fingerprints. The condition which was later identified as adermatoglyphia by dermatologist Peter Itin is a rare genetic condition in which a person is born without any fingerprints i.e no finger markings whatsoever, and it's only found in four extended families around the world.

The swiss woman who was in her late 20s also had her family of 16 checked and eight of them were we discovered to also have the condition.

The condition means if she commits a criminal offence she is likely to go untraced but that also means traveling abroad would really be an hercullean task.

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