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Pregnancy period

Women, Please Avoid Doing These 3 Unhealthy Things During Your Monthly Period.

Menstruation also known as period, is a normal vaginal bleeding that occurs in women. It is like a natural monthly cycle. This is because every month, as a full grown woman or adolescent, your body prepares for pregnancy. If no pregnancy takes place, the womb will break down the eggs and then the menstrual blood will start.

This is a very stressful experience that women go through every month. However, they can make it even worse and more painful with the kind of things they do. In this article, I will be enlightening all ladies about some bad and unhealthy habits that can cause a very painful and uncomfortable menstruation. See them below;

Drinking Alcohol or soft drinks.

Most ladies are fond of this particular act. They drink alcohol and all kinds of sugary things during their period, without minding the effects it might have on their health. Alcohol generally consists of chemicals that is harmful to the female body. Excess intake of beer and soft drinks can cause irregular menstrual cycles due to the fact that they temporarily increases levels of estrogen and testosterone in the body.

Excess Medications.

A lot of women cannot do without taking drugs and painkillers during their menstrual cycle. Excess consumption of these painkillers may disrupt your period or menstrual cycle and also interfere with hormonal levels, or even stop ovulation altogether. Many non prescribed medicines negatively affect a woman's menstrual cycle. Be careful.

Wearing one pad for too long.

As a lady, try to avoid wearing one pad for more than 6 hours. Wearing one pad for too long can cause you bacteria and fungus infection as well as yeast infection which is very expensive to treat. A damp pad and friction can also cause irritation, rashes, boils and sores in your female organ. No matter how light your flow is, it's always safe to change your pad very often.

Source: and Medlineplus.

Please this article is meant for ladies who want to live healthily. Be kind enough to share tips of this article to help others. Thank you.

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