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Embarrassing Health Problems That Most People Don't Want To Talk About

Going to the doctor entails discussing personal health issues. Some health worries, on the other hand, feel far more personal. But, no matter the health problem, don't allow embarrassment keep you from seeking help.

Below are 6 sensitive health issues you may share with a health care practitioner who won't be surprised:

1. You Have An Object Stuck In A Bodily Orifice.

A lot of people tend to have the habit of inserting objects into their body openings thereby accidentally having them stuck or embedded.

It's probably not a patient's proudest moment, I can assure you that hospital emergency rooms routinely deal with household objects that become embedded in the body.

2. You've been exposed to STDs

Majority of people who have been exposed to STDs often find it embarrassing to talk to someone about it for fear of being discriminated.

However, I guess the right thing to always do is to get yourself tested in order to avoid spreading the infection to others.

3. You Sweat Excessively

Although it is a normal thing to sweat when you are waiting to give a public speech or standing in the hot sun, people who sweat a lot when they're not supposed to, often find it embarrassing.

The medical condition for that excessive secretion of sweat is called hyperhidrosis.

4. You Have A Genital Rash.

Itchy rashes are bad enough but the one that occurs around the private region or buttocks can seriously gives one great discomfort and also become embarrassing to tell someone about it.

5. You're Ashamed Of Your Teeth

Some people who do not have a perfect dentition or white teeth often find it embarrassing or uncomfortably to smile in the public.

Oftentimes, when they want to smile, they cover up their smile by putting their hands in front of their face to hold the lip down so people don't get to see what has happened to their teeth.

6. You Are Worried About Bad Breath.

Although we smell all kinds of breath, sometimes even with the mask on, there are some that are worse than others.

The simple solution to this embarrassing health issue is to use a toothbrush or a tongue scraper to properly clean the tongue because that's where bacteria form.

It will interest you to know that as embarrassing as they may seem, they are never embarrassing to health practitioners because they see similar issues frequently. Hence, always feel free to open up to them.

Are there other embarrassing health issues that are not listed above? kindly share with us in the comment section and also share this article with someone.


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