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Throw 3 Seeds Of Garlic Into your Toilet After Praying In The Night. This Will Happen By Morning.

Weldon again my people. Information is power. People without information are all the same people that fall into problems too often.

Even coronavirus is on the increase all over the world and 5 new cases have been confirmed ij the country, it is important you distance yourself from social gathering, wash your hand always and don't wait for authorities to say first, you can get a face mask and start protecting yourself. Don't shake hands too much, if u do make sure you wash as soon as possible. Cos that's how the virus spreads.

Anyway, that's not the reason for the article. In this article I want to teach you a natural, simple and special trick that will keep your toilet clean and disinfected all day and every day.

All you need is just 3 pieces of garlic and a knife.

As I have thought you in the previous articles, garlic is a very good natural antimicrobial agent. It kills bacteria fungi and virus very effectively.

So, use your knife to peel the 3 seeds of garlic and throw into your toilet after praying just before you go to bed at night, leave it there till morning before washing or flushing the toilet to effectively cleanse your toilet and kill any form of bacteria in it.

Another method which I prefer is to Boil around 1 cup of water, Once it starts to boil, cut three garlic cloves into small pieces and put it into the water

Turn off the fire and carry it down.

close the pot or kettle and leave it one the ground to settle for around 30mins before pouring it into your toilet to kill any germs and disease causing microorganisms.

Always remember, do it at night after praying your bed time prayers before you sleep and wash it in the morning for thorough and best effect. Thank you.

Oya have a great day

Remember to stay safe and away from crowd until this Corona virus issue is over.

Content created and supplied by: MadamTessy (via Opera News )

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