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3 simple steps to get rid of pimples overnight.

3 simple steps to get rid of pimples overnight.

Hello guys, it's Dr. Elegido again and I am here to give you skin tips again. I am sorry for not being available for some weeks. I had some things going on and I had to skip this for a while. So please pardon me for my careless attitude

Now I am back and in my last skincare post, I had some questions in the comments section about how to get rid of pimples. So that's what we'll be discussing today. Before we continue, I would really love it if you followed me so that you don't miss any of my skincare article as everyone of them is very important.

Pimples is the greatest skin problem most people have and it can be so overwhelming that it causes a decrease an self esteem and confidence. Pimples is caused by a wide variety of things. Ranging from lifestyle, oily foods, diet and even hormonal changes which is natural. We all have that stage that we are plagued with pimples except for a very few of us. So how can you get rid of pimples overnight. It's a simple process and I'll list a three step process you should adopt. To get rid of pimples overnight.

Step 1. Suppressing the pimple.

For this, get an ice cube and put it in a small cloth or handkerchief. Then dab it on the spot. The ice takes away any pain from the pimple. It removes the pains and helps to supress the pimple. This also gives a calm feeling to the spot which makes you feel great.

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Step 2. Spot treatment.

You have a wide variety of products you can use for this. You just need to get the one that suits you and is most available and and affordable to you. 

1. Lemon juice: for this, you need to squeeze the juice out of the fruit. Then take two to three drops and mix with ½ teaspoon of honey. Then rub it on the spot and leave for 20 minutes. After twenty minutes, take a clean cotton ball and wipe it off.

2. Potato juice: Grind the potato and then squeeze the juice out of it. Then take ½ teaspoon and a pint of cinnamon powder and mix together and apply on the spot. Leave also for 20 minutes and wipe with a clean cotton ball. 

3. Pawpaw juice: Take a raw pawpaw and squeeze the juice out of it. Put it on the spot for ten minutes as usual and then take cotton ball and clean it up. The reason these are the best products is that they are 100% natural and don't leave side effects.

Step 3: healing.

For this, you need aloe vera gel. You can get aloe vera juice by mashing and squeezing the gel out or you can get the gel in the market. You need ½ teaspoon of the gel. Take 3 mint leaves (Efinrin) and then crush them on a clean surface. Then mix both together and apply on the spot. Then leave it overnight. 

These are the simple steps you need to follow to get a clear, pimple free skin overnight.

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