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If you spend alot of time Outdoors be careful with your EYES, so you don't contact PTERYGIUM

Last week Sunday while I was in church, I noticed a red growth in the right eye of a brother in church. I had to approach him and I told him he has PTERYGIUM.

He asked me, what is PTERYGIUM? I SAID it's an elevated, wedge shaped bump on the eye. It was named after an athlete - Surfer's Eye.

It starts on the white of the eye and spread to the cornea. It is usually triangular. If you don't treat it, it can extend across the pupil making vision bad.

He also asked what are the Things that causes PTERYGIUM? the things that cause PTERYGIUM a wind, dust, chemicals,air pollution and hereditary factors and exposure to excess ultraviolet light.

The common signs are redness of the eye, thickening in the corner of the eye, a feeling that there is a foreign object in the eye, dryness of the eyes,obscurity of vision.

Treatment involves medication and surgery.

But see an Opthalmologist for better counseling.

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