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Fastest and most effective way of having a flat tummy your gym instructors won't tell you

First and foremost i would love to say that this actually works like magic because i am a living testimony. I used to have this big tummy that turned to a source of concern for me but when i discovered this secret,it worked so well for me so i just thought I should share it to help other girls out there and enable them have the catchy figure they all drool about.

Exercise is a necessity in your journey to having a flat tummy. Whether you like it or not you must hit the gym at least twice in a week but there are even better exercises that can go a long way in helping you achieve your desired result and the good news is that you don't require equipments .Exercises like:

#1 Leg raise clap

#2 Reverse crunch

#3 Spider-Man plank

#4 Cross body mountain climbing

#5 Russian twist

#6 Plank with hip dips

#7 Plank jacks

The thing about exercise is that you have to be committed and really consistent for you to achieve your desired result in a short span of time.

Also,you need adequate rest and sleep .I'm not saying you should sleep most of the day .No,you have to do something,work,put your body into action,it's also part of the exercise but if it seems too much it turns to stress which is not good.

Drink a lot of water. This helps to flush out the toxic materials in your system when you urinate. It doesn't just help in achieving a flat tummy,it also helps in keeping you hydrated thereby improving your skin.

Then the main reason for this article,the fastest and also most effective way of getting a flat tummy is watching the quantity of food you eat .At this point,your food should be about quality and not quantity.

Eat less of carbohydrates and more of proteins especially eggs .Make fruit and vegetables your friend because you will need them. Also please try as much as possible not to eat after 6 pm,if you are hungry after this time drink water or take fruits.

But you don't have to starve yourself just to have a flat tummy instead you should eat little quantities of food about 6 times in a day,this way you can stay healthy and also achieve that perfect figure.

Trust me when i say i know this won't be easy especially for our beautiful plus size ladies.

I've been there before and i made it .If i can,then you can.

Following the tips i gave,i successfully reduced my tummy from 28 inches to 26 inches in a week. That's great,i know.

If you found this article helpful please hit the like button and also leave a comment .Good luck!

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