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Effects of consuming hibiscus tea on your health

According to MayoClinic, there are risks and dangers in everything. Even though hibiscus tea, which is called Zobo drink in the area, is made from natural ingredients, the same rules apply. Zobo drink can have bad effects on your body if you drink it all the time, and some people shouldn't drink it at all.

1. Research shows that drinking Zobo or hibiscus tea often could hurt your liver. A 2013 study found that drinking too much of the Zobo drink, which contains hibiscus extract, may be bad for the liver. People who are already taking acetaminophen, for example, should not take zobo until they are done with all of the acetaminophen, because the two drugs can interact in ways that could be fatal.

2.pregnant women should also stay away from hibiscus tea and the Zobo drink. All pregnant women who are smart should stay away from it because it is bad for their health.

3.people who are taking chloroquine shouldn't drink hibiscus tea. The reason for this is that it can reduce how well the medicine works to treat malaria. People who are currently taking chloroquine should not drink alcohol.

4.Patients with high blood pressure should check or monitor their blood pressure often because the drink can lower blood pressure to a dangerously low level.

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