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Pregnancy period

Different types and shapes of baby bumps during pregnancy and their meanings.

Baby bumps come in different shapes and sizes, and no two baby bumps are created equal but they can look alike. As your baby grows so does your belly, it is often asked why do pregnancy bellies differ a lot even when the women are in the exact same stage of the journey (pregnancy). Some possible answers could be your muscular structure including the elasticity of your abdominal wall, the fetal position of the growing baby and so on. Here are a couple myths on what the shape of your baby bump reveals about your pregnancy and your baby;

1)Low pregnancy belly: The wives tale say that if you are having a low pregnancy belly, there is a high possibility that you are having are girl. Legend says this is because you feel more in tune with it being a girl and therefore excess fat and water reserves appear around your waist, hips and bottom.

2)High pregnancy belly: The myth also says for a high pregnancy belly it could be a boy, like I said before in the low pregnancy its just myth, but scientifically a high pregnancy belly means that some women carry their baby almost directly under their bust. This happens when the placenta is settled high up inside the body, causing the baby to move upwards .

3)B or D shape : Most women have the watermelon or the "D-shaped" baby bump, but a few end up with a pear or a "B" shape.

4)Pointed and wide pregnancy belly: The myth says if the pregnancy bump is wide its a girl, and if its narrow and pointed its a boy.

5)Size of the pregnancy belly: If its a boy your pregnanacy bump will be larger, if its a girl the pregnanacy bump will be smaller according to the myth.

Babies are always turning from side to side so the shape of your baby bump shouldn't be something you worry about. And generally the shape or size of your baby bump does not determine the gender and size of your baby. Some of the factors that determine the shape and size of your baby bump include;

1)First pregnancy: for your first pregnancy the baby bump is usually a bit small and compact as the abdominal wall and muscles have not been stretched before.

2)Second and subsequent pregnanacies :After your first pregnancy your abdominal muscles are a bit stretched and flexible, so you may notice a bigger bump than before and this does not necessarily mean your baby would be bigger.

3)Mother's height: For taller women, the baby usually grows upward and not outward because the mother has a longer torso (abdomen) and more space for the baby to grow so the baby grows upward while for shorter women the have less space, so their babies will push outward.

4)The bigger the dad, the bigger the bump: The genes of the father plays a role in the size and shape of your pregnancy belly, taller parents are more likely to have taller babies and the same applies for bigger and huge parents.

5) Change in the baby's position: during the second trimester the baby becomes active and starts moving and changing position in the womb. This causes change in shape and size of the pregnanacy bump or belly.

6)Fitness: If you have defined abs and toned abdomen due to exercise it could prevent your baby bump from sticking out, therefore fitter women tend to have higher and closer bumps.

7)Body size : a smaller or petite woman will tend to have a smaller bump and vice versa for a bigger woman.

8)Amniotic fluid volume: The amniotic fluid volume tends to be higher in the second trimester than in the other trimesters, based on the volume of the amniotic fluid the pregnancy bump may be bigger or smaller.

To actually know the gender of your baby you can easily do an; ultrasound at 18 - 22 weeks, early gender test at 8 weeks and so on.

I hope this article was able to shed a lot more light on pregnancy for you, if you have any more questions drop a comment I will get to it.

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