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How Regular Exercises Helps Men

Most men don't realize the importance of having a regular exercise. It might not be every day, but at least up to three times a week can go a long way. 

Exercise is known to be a body activity that requires physical effort and energy to retain, progress or improve health and body fitness. Exercise such as swimming, running, jogging, walking, and even dancing, can go a long way in a male body fitness and health. 

A physical activity has lots of health benefits, both body structure and mental, and this also helps to improve male semen. 

Besides being good for your general health, exercising regularly can boost testosterone levels and improve male fertility. Research shows those men who exercise regularly or almost regularly have a higher testosterone levels, and better quality of semen than inactive men who just sit around watching TV, and obese men as well. 

However, too much exercise can cause harm and lead to infertility as well, because it may have the opposite effect, and potentially reduce testosterone levels. Although, in this case, getting the right amount of zinc can minimize this risk, if you are involved in regular non-stop exercise.

Some Kind of Exercise to Get Involved In:

1. Breathing Exercise (Aerobic): 

This is also known as endurance or respiratory exercise, which increases your heart rate and breathing frequency. This is good for energy development and boost in men for a better performance.

2. Resistant Exercise (Anaerobic):

It is also called strength training, which works on strengthening your muscles, joints, and bones with e.g. carrying weight lifts or resistance band/body workouts.

3. Exercises To Strengthen The Upper Body Parts:

Bench press, chest cross, shoulder press (it's general called push up), pull-downs (back muscles), biceps curls and triceps extension, upright row, trunk extension, and exercises for abdominal muscles (sit-ups). They help in body structural building, and also male performance.

4. Exercise To Strengthen The Lower Body Parts:

Leg press, calf raises, hip extensions, hamstring curls and hip abduction. They also help to improve the sperm quality and amount of productions.

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