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3 Things You Consume That Can Damage Your Bladder

The bladder is one of the major organs that form part of the urinary system. It is saddled with two major responsibilities and there includes; temporary storage of urine assists in the expulsion of urine. The bladder is very delicate hence it is important we desist from lifestyle habits that can damage it. 

Different health conditions can affect the bladder. The most common bladder problems in women are frequent urges to urinate and leakage of urine. Leakage and frequent urges often are caused by the decreased capacity of the bladder and overactivity of the bladder. Research has shown that an overactive bladder can be caused by a wide range of conditions, including constipation and excess caffeine in the system.

In men, some of the most common bladder conditions are frequent urination at night and incomplete bladder emptying. This is usually due to an enlarged prostate obstructing bladder emptying. Make sure you seek medical attention once you start experiencing these symptoms. 

What you consume is very important when it comes to bladder health. Some of the things you consume that can damage your bladder include; 

1. Alcohol

Alcohol is one of the most common substances that can damage the bladder. Alcohol use can make your bladder hurt even if you do not have a UTI. The pain occurs because alcohol is highly acidic. In turn, the acid can irritate your bladder lining. The bladder irritation from alcohol is similar to how you may feel when you have a UTI, so it is easy to confuse the two feelings. Excessive intake of alcohol can worsen the whole situation and damage other vital organs in the body hence avoid it.

2. Spicy food

Spicy food can also affect your bladder especially when you consume them excessively. Super spicy foods tend to irritate the bladder lining and can contribute to chronic bladder pain. Excessive amounts of spicy foods can also upset the bowel. Limit the amount of it you consume. 

3. Foods high in caffeine

Foods high in caffeine can damage the bladder. It can also heighten the urge to urinate if consumed in excessive amounts. Caffeine is thought to have a direct effect on the bladder's smooth muscle. It may irritate the tissues of the bladder and potentially cause an involuntary bladder contraction. This can contribute to urge incontinence. Try and limit the amount of this food you consume. 

Everyone should adhere to the rips of this article. 

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